Mike’s Going to Houston . . .

Here it is a glowing, breezy, glorious Sunday afternoon at my beachy little pad. My boyfriend Mike is taking a nap and I am still in my
silky pajamas at 3:30 PM.

Mike played a solo acoustic show at McCabe’s last night and had them enthralled from the first twang of his Ray Price signed guitar. It was happy and sad all at once because he has decided to relocate to Houston in a few weeks to try his luck as a real true country musician in Texas. After a dozen years in L.A. he should be a Big as it Gets, and he IS the King of the LA Country Scene, which has unfortunately started to dwindle. Mike is the Real Thing – George, Merle, Waylon, Ray Price, not a so-called Modern Country singer, the type that gushes out of Nashville these days.  His  songs are beyond brilliant, amusing, self-effacing, charming, literate, loving….I could go on and on…I will miss my man like Elvis missed his mama. We have been side by side for 5 plus years…oh well, dolls. Life must go on. And I have a busy one, thank goodness…

I have yet another reason to be proud of who I am, as the great Merle Haggard said…I was the first female judge at the 7th annual Air Guitar championships in LA Friday night at the world famous Troubadour. (I once waltzed across the street with the Byrds/Burrito Bros. drummer, Mike Clarke, so he could take a whizz in the phone booth because the little boy’s room was taken). My ultra-talented Webmistress, Kathleen Morgan, accompanied me right into the judgesbooth where I shared a big black Marks-a-Lot with the handsome and debonair Jeff B. Davis.  After 5 omething-or-others on the rocks, Jeff leaned over to me and said, “I understand why all those musicians wanted to sleep with you…” compliment or not? You be the judge…


 Pamela and Jeff B. Davis
Pamela and Jeff B. Davis

I wish I could say I saw some stellar air fairy performances, but it was mostly all blow with no show. The Japanese Elvisy guy came in second and he should have won. If you haven’t seen the documentary on this absurdist phenom, be sure to log on to Netflix and reserve your copy. I love that the finals take place in Helsinki, Finland, a place I have visited, and adore because they publish my books there in Finnish!!!

Two Big Meetings this week, one for my groupie doc…and please groupie dolls, send me your mot VIP tales – you never know who might get into this VH1 movie, along with the divine groupies in Let’s Spend the Night Together…also have a meeting regarding turning BAND into a musical. Great idea, yes?

And tomorrow, I have my weekly One-to-One at my handy dandy Apple store ~ determined to be able to do the complete dosey-do with my
beloved MacBook…
Miss P.

Pamela and US Air Guitar Champ, 2008, Hot Lixx Houlihan

Pamela and US Air Guitar Champ, 2008, Hot Lixx Houlihan


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