A Lady of Fine Age!

I have to share with with my fine new blog-mates!

I just got this message on MySpace . . . too wonderful not to share!!

you have killer taste in music, thats good character right there.
I wanted to ask, idk maby you know but why do i have these sexual filling for women of fine age. why do i fill seductive and wanting the filling of a women lust? i dont feel like thiss for my own mom lol its incest, but with older women in the street or the market, maby you could advice me a bit. im willing to experiment and try hot new thing. why do i feel this way for ladys of fine age?”

Good question, eh dolls?

a lady of fine age . . .

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3 Responses to “A Lady of Fine Age!”

  1. ananasmetalliques Says:

    Hahahahah. Totally hilarious. Really.

    Miss Sofia

  2. Lola Says:

    It#s good

  3. River Says:

    Oh, god, that is so funny. Foreign guy looking for sex anywhere, I guess, hoping he’ll get lucky on freaking myspace!

    Hmmmm, he’s not Russian. Maybe African or Middle Eastern, judging by his syntax — or maybe he just had some computer program do it for him.

    Anyway, I am sure he is very, very lonely, and not get any ladies at all, of fine age or otherwise.

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