Good Morning America, Making Copious Cups of Tea, and . . .

Greetings sweet readers,

It’s Wednesday, June 24 and a June gloom is resting over my little cottage by the sea. I have always loved an overcast day. Being raised in the overly bright San Fernando Valley, I saw a bit too much blatant sunlight day after day. Living by the beach is perfection for me. Moody and rife with possibility.

I am getting ready to meet my ‘Let’s Spend the Night Together’ producer, Mark Ford, for lunch at my fave vegan hang, Real Food Daily in Santa Monica to discuss the upcoming documentary on my swinging groupie sisters. I’m so excited/I just can’t hide it, as my pal Allee Willis penned,very successfully, I might add. Just chatted with one of the main featurettes, Miss Cynthia PlasterCaster, and I am greatly looking forward to hanging with her in Chi-Town! She’s working on her own memoir and we all wait, panting, to be enthralled by her very unique escapades.

Last night I taught my ongoing writer’s workshop and again I am blown away by the talented chicks that arrive at y doorstep every week. Pretty soon I will be posting some of their writerly brilliance.Please, please please send in your personal groupie experiences and photos so webmistress Kathleen and I can create a Groupie Gallery so all and sundry can share in your special moments with the greats.

All afternoon yesterday I taped a segment for Friday (June 26th) Good Morning America. It was a cool interview, then they had me posing around the pad doing various things for a ‘B reel.’ I lounged around in my hammock looking at old diaries. I perused my old record collection and photos, made copious cups of tea. I’m curious to see which of these daffy set-ups will make it to the screen. Of course, I won’t actually be viewing the show, as I usually rise between 10:30-11 AM. Let me know what you think of my ‘performance.’ Hahaha.

Miss P


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2 Responses to “Good Morning America, Making Copious Cups of Tea, and . . .”

  1. Jeannie Says:

    Miss P, I would like to know about your ongoing writing workshop. I live in NYC and my best girlfriend lives in Long Beach, CA. I would love to trek out to CA and be able to pop in for a single class with you, perhaps along with my friend. Please let me know if this would be possible!

    Looking forward to seeing you manana on GMA!


  2. Angela Monger Says:

    Hi. I run the Chico Ryan website and I noticed your mention of Bowser. Did you hang out with Sha Na Na back in the day and do you have any memories and/or photos of Chico?

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