Miss Pamela’s Rock Tour, Sunday July 12–$100 per person

Hi De Ho Dolls!

The sorrowful MJ saga goes on…I wrote a little note on my Facebook page, “Poor little manchild off to Heaven…” with the incredible J5 song, ‘Who’s Loving You,’ and I got 62 wild responses! Lots of opinions flying around cyberspace. A few people didn’t think he deserved to go to upstairs due to the pedophilia charges and one fellow even accused me of racism, ‘gwine to hebben.’ Can you believe that? His statement provoked loads of angry responses I’m glad to say. ‘Judge not lest ye be judged’ sayeth one of my most beloved dudes, Jesus of Nazareth. I don’t even remember Elvis’s death provoking this kind of worldwide mania. A few of MJs albums have been selling 100,000 copies a day! I’m sure wherever he’s flown off to, he is enjoying the attention, which will hopefully focus mainly on his brilliance in the weeks and months to come. I knew there were drugs involved, but it sounds like he has even surpassed the King in that department as well.

Aaaahhh, the glory of fame, eh? Even though the entire world wants to sit on your lap and inhale your pheremones, the escape route looks like a better option. Elvis was shooting Dilaudid into his groin and Michael was searching for injectable drugs that would basically render him comatose. I wish I could have reminded them of their glorious Higher Selves, waiting patiently within. (Maybe even sitting on their laps at the time. Ha ha.)

I hear you knocking…Actually, I believe we create our own ‘Hebben’ and Hell right here on this beautiful spinning planet we inhabit. For a loooooong time now I have been watching my thoughts, words and deeds, attempting to stay in tune with the goodness of the Universe. When I was moping around here a few days ago, I actually FELT the energy slow down and almost stop. It seemed like I was walking through a thick sludge, and I was making it happen it with my drudgey mood – created by my woe-is-me thoughts. I stopped in my tracks and reversed that ‘stinking thinking’ (as my teacher Light calls it) and suddenly the air around me was smooth as silk. Amazing how instantaneous it is.

I have another Rock Tour of Hollywood & Laurel Canyon coming right up on Sunday, July 12! It’s my 6th outing and the tours get better every time. The concept started when a gent from England called and asked me to take him and his best friend around to the the hotspots in I’m With the Band for his pal’s 40th Birthday. It seems every year they try to ‘one-up’ each other, and I was the birthday present last year. They picked me up in a Rolls Royce limo, took me to dine at Spago, and handed me $5000 in cash. Zowie! We toured Jim Morrison’s funky pad, the Zappa cabin, The Whiskey, the site of our long lost hippie club, Pandora’s Box, Chris Hillman’s once fairytale pad at the top of Kirkwood. They were thrilled and entranced and it made me realize that I had a lot to share with rabid rock fans…I lived within and amongst the musical greats during the rock renaissance and (somehow) lived to tell the outrageous tale!  You can get in on the same tour for only $100 per person.

So why don’t you join me this time around? I usually take between 10-12 music/pop history lovers all over Hollywood with my very super duper driver, Kip Brown. We meet in front of Amoeba Records on Sunset at 1:30 and I drop you back off around 5 PM. It is an exhausting wild ride, as I read pages and pages from Band and answer any and all (almost) questions posed to me. We have a blast! To let me know if you’d like to come along, drop me a line at tours@pameladesbarres.net!!!  In case you dolls didn’t know, I am a collector of many things…some of the photos on the site feature rooms (and walls) in my little beach cottage. Very colorful, eh? I love to find treasures so very much that I dig them up and put a lot of my finds on eBay. I’ve been selling under then moniker Bonbon22 for years.

Please check out my items ~ I’m sure there is something for everyone! For instance . . . (click here for some of my fab stuff!)

and more fab stuff!

I have such a ball discovering treasures. It started when my dear old daddy, OC Miller, took me to swap meets and garage sales. The bug bit me and hasn’t backed off…
Luv,Miss P

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One Response to “Miss Pamela’s Rock Tour, Sunday July 12–$100 per person”

  1. Groupie Goldmine Says:

    I am so much like you, it’s uncanny! I do love a good treasure hunt, myself. My parents are antique collectors and are always going through different obsessed phases of collection. I’m a music collector, of course. I have a substantial Glam Rock collection and I’m working on building up a trove of Pamela items. I still need your “Rock Bottom” book though. And there’s all this talk online of groupie movies, but they’re just too obscure to find! Oh well. Half the fun is in the hunt, isn’t it?

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