Accept “What Is”

Hey dolls,
I am feeling a bit low this evening as my darling boyfriend of over 5 years, Mike Stinson, has decided to make a move to Houston, Tx to keep his country music dream alive. When we first started hanging, the alt-roots-Americana-country scene was in full swing in L.A., and Mike was the well-known King of Hollywood Honky Tonk. I silently thanked my long lost pal, Gram Parsons for turning me onto the country music greats back in The Day, or I might never have come in contact with one of the Great Loves of my Life.

But lately the roots scene has dwindled to almost nothing and Mike needs to be heard. I completely understand why he has to go, and I encourage his courage and bravery to pack up all his cares & woes, George Jones records, Merle Haggard posters, guitars and cowboy suits and try to make a brand new start in another town. But it makes me so damn sad. We are best friends as well as being wildly in love, and yikes, I’m gonna miss that closeness and understanding, hilarity and love-of-the-same-music that we share. It’s times like this that I have to rely on my hard-won spiritual strength and inner guidance.

I do believe I have actually learned that to accept WHAT IS, may be the ultimate lesson in life. If you don’t accept the cold hard (or warm soft) facts, you slam up against that infernal wall until you bloody yourself and not a damn thing will change. So, Mike is driving off into the very bright sunlight and I accept it. I’ll be lonely and probably pace ’round and ’round my pad, especially on the weekends, but I will get through it. Houston isn’t on the other side of the world, thank goodness, and I’m sure I will accrue lots of frequent flyer miles winging my way to that reddest of states to gaze into the hazel-brown eyes of the man I love.

I do have a swell trip coming up which will hopefully take my heartache temporarily away. This Thursday, I will be winging my way to Roma, darlings, one of my very favorite places to be! I am being honored (yippee!) at the “Just Like a Woman” festival in Genoa, Liguria ~ a divine seaside town, where I shall be wined, dined and feted. How lucky am I? And my groovy Italian publicist, Alex Izzo has secured tickets and passes to see the BOSS! I know that for 3 hours plus I will be dancing up a storm in rock & roll heaven…

Miss P.


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4 Responses to “Accept “What Is””

  1. Jenny Lens Says:

    Mike Stinson will be sorely missed by all his LA pals. He is one of the sweetest men I’ve ever met. You two together were such a highlight of any gathering. I will cherish the times at your home, when his face lit up as he welcomed all your friends. Of course you know you are beloved by so many in LA, but to paraphrase a song, “there’s nothing like a man.” (esp the good ones!).

    Well, we have the memories and photos of your birthday bash last Sept, with Mike and Michael performing, and you and others dancing up a storm.

    They say, when God closes one door, another opens . . . mazel tov re your Roma Adventure!

  2. Jenny Lens Says:

    Just gotta add something to your theme about “accepting what is.” Most peeps don’t realize that peeps like you and I, who’ve known some amazing performers, seen legendary shows, yadda yadda, live like so many others. We have personal and professional ups and downs, health issues, financial issues, and our hearts are broken as often as anyone else’s.

    For me, it’s not just my being alone, but my photos. No money to showcase them, turning down exhibits, no time for more books, not even time to post them and write online stories . . . it does eat at me and I still do stupid self-destructive things, but it doesn’t stop me from doing the best I can to accept it and move forward.

    I appreciate your honesty and sharing what’s going on, to remind us life ain’t always easy. But it’s always quite possible to live a positive and fun life, grab what happiness we can, to help balance the hurt and disappointments.

    For years I prayed you’d open your house and sell some of your amazing things. Then you put out that offer, and as usual, no money and my car still needs work. I had to accept the fact I couldn’t even come over and take pix.

    Sometimes our prayers come true and there’s not a darn thing we can do about it. Except keep praying and working and never giving up til we leave this body. And enter into the next adventure.

    Life’s a banquet, and too many people are starving (thanks Auntie Mame).

    much love,
    jen 😉

  3. Anita Says:

    Hi Pamela-
    Houston’s not half bad – forget about the red state dogma -take a gander at the art on the downtown streets along with the wonderful variety of architectural examples- all huge massive sculptures to enjoy. It’s just an idea for something visual you might enjoy while visiting there, alongside those loving hazel eyes of Mike’s.

  4. Michelle Says:

    Houston is an awesome city! Come visit (just wait til Autumn when the temp dips under 3 digits), there is so much to see and do here.

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