Time Certainly Flies while You’re Busy Dancing Your Ass Off!

I am in the midst of one groovy weekend, dolls! Barely recuperated from my whirlwind trip to Italy, I knew I had to make loads of plans because I usually spent Friday through Monday with my MIA boyfriend, Mike Stinson, who relocated to Houston 3 weeks ago…sigh.

Luckily one of my fave old flames Howard Kaylan (from the Turtles/Flo & Eddie) was hosting and playing some big ol’ Hippie Fest at Universal Ampitheater Friday night. I hadn’t seen Howie in about a dozen years and only have the sweetest fond memories of our wacky time together. He and Mark Volman performed with the Mothers on one of Frank’s coolest records, “Live at the Fillmore -1971.”


I met them on the set of “200 Motels” in England, (strangely had not met the Turtles earlier in life). I played the part of a mini-skirted ‘news hen’, most of my scenes with Motorhead, Jimmy Carl Black, bless his soul, and Theodore BIkel. I used to watch Mr. Z put his band through the paces, using his baton the way he did with the GTOs in the studio. I’m sure he taught them all lessons in fortitude and attitude that has assisted them forevermore.

The wonder of Facebook got Howard and I back together, and I met him backstage (what else is new?) and hung out with the bands all night long. It was divine to spend a little time with Mr. Kaylan, who
remains consistently charming and comfortable in his skin. He was wearing a tie-dyed shirt that made my eyes spin. One of the acts was Chuck Negron from 3 Dog Night and as I was dancing to “Joy to the
World” in the wings, I flashed back to dancing with the GTOs on stage with those guys 40 YEARS ago! Yikes! Time certainly flies while you’re busy dancing your ass off. I had a swell catch-up with him
(wow, he looks great!).


 He told Mark & Howard about the centerfold shoot 3 Dog had with the GTOs for their second album. (Suitable for Framing) I always like to say that the band rented their outlandish
costumes while the GTOs were in our street clothes! He recalled Miss Sandra’s pregnant exposed (painted) belly and her baby (Raven) rolling side to side during the shoot. It’s so oddball what sticks in people’s minds, isn’t it? I remember wearing whiteface and clutching onto Cory’s leg. Chuck told me Cory just turned 70 and that seems entirely impossible. It’s too bad the 3 lads can’t get over whatever issues are keeping them from performing together. (The would make millions, right?) The other two apparently go out as ‘2 Dog Night.” Jeez. Chuck still sings like and angel. I guess he now knows that One really is the Loneliest Number …

Last night I went to the House of Blues and interviewed the awesome Ace Frehley for my Rolling Stone Italy column. He was jamming with Camp Freddie and ruled the roost. They should all bow down to the eternal Spaceman!

Pamela and Ace

Pamela and Ace

I gotta say, Dave Navarro is one hot little number, isn’t he dolls? I got a yummy hug from him and a peck on the cheek. It was so lovely of him to write the forward to the 2005 version of Band…

Tonight I am attending a screening of Zappa’s doc, Uncle Meat at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. I was going to do a Q&A beforehand with our host and music historian, Dominic Priore, but Gail
Z. has decided to do the honors ~ and so she should!

Busy busy busy…Love love love,
Miss P

P.S. Yes, I really do like my new red dress! hahahaha.


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2 Responses to “Time Certainly Flies while You’re Busy Dancing Your Ass Off!”

  1. Tezzie Says:

    Ever since a recent trip to LA and buying I’m with the Band, you have quickly become my biggest inspiration and role model. I feel like I owe my life to you somehow. Thank you for being so incredibly wonderful. And expect a long email with me gushing over everything that’s great about you really soon haha.

  2. misspamela Says:

    Love to hear that!!! Kisses, Miss P.

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