Damp Rock God

Jack White hugged me last night and apologized for being so damp. I said, “Are you kidding? There’s nothing better than a damp rock god.”


4 Responses to “Damp Rock God”

  1. Natalea Says:

    how was the concert?

    Nat x

  2. Babzz Says:

    A certain gorgeous rockgod once apologised to me for pushing his groin in my face while he put his foot on the monitor, I told him it was a pleasure 😉

  3. Noelle Says:

    Miss Pamela… am waiting patiently (not so!) for your review of the Dead Weather shows you witnessed. I have seen The Stripes, Raconteurs and will see the Dead Weather in October in NOLA…I am soooo taken with this band! Beautiful talented people defining bluer than blues hot molten rock. What’s not to love? Bring it! xo

  4. EviaS Says:

    saw the Dead Weather @ the O2 in Brixton and was bloody blown away- my rock sister and I were practically growling as we watched Jack White hand both his drum stick and his beer to two lucky someones in the standing area. Jack White- you do, in fact. Rock.

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