He Complimented My Slinky Stockings

I sure do love my life, dolls! I really did believe when I was younger that by the time I reached this glorious age, I would be ‘settled down,’ taking care of my beloved rose bushes like my sweet mama did. Whiling away the evening hours watching amusing sitcoms, snuggling up with my lifetime hubby. Oh well. . . instead, I am out all hours, hanging out with rock gods and dancing my tight rear-end off whenever possible! I will be 61 in a few days which boggles my ever-active mind. I remember my dear mom telling me at 74 that she still felt like a 21 year old girl in her heart. I miss her every day. She encouraged me to be ME, like all parents should do. I will be spending my September 9 b’day with my darling Mike Stinson at his mom’s beautiful pad on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Can’t wait!

Meanwhile…I saw 2 back-to-back Dead Weather shows last week and had the divine and delicious pleasure of hanging with Jack after the shows.


I took my handsome devil rockabilly pal James Intveld to the first night at the Wiltern, and backstage afterwards, I saw Jack checking out my red velvet Prada sandals, then slide his gaze up to my face, startled and pleased to see that it was me. I hadn’t seen him since I interviewed him in Nashville earlier this year. He came over and gave me a big squeeze, apologizing for being damp, which of course was completely absurd. Mmmmm. I love me a wet rock star, yes I do. The fact that the sweat comes from an incredible performance makes it like holy water to me. He told me that our interview was one of his best ever and I was over the full moon. I thought it was one of my best too, so that confirmation was a real kick. The next night I took my precious goddaughter Polly Parsons, who came in from Austin, to the Mayan theater downtown where the band rocked the house hard and loud, baby. We spent 2 solid hours hanging with Jack after the show, along with my friend Cassandra Peterson (Elvira) who had hooked me up with Jack for the interview. He reiterated how much he loved our chat, claiming that I had ‘no agenda,’ to which I had to agree. I am pretty much agenda-less, and in that particular instance, I just wanted to get to know Jack White! And share it with my wonderful readers . . . .

The following evening (Thursday) was my dear friend, Paul Reubens’ annual birthday sit-down dinner, which I have gone to for 20 years or so. I joyously anticipate Paul’s annual birthday events, always a night of hysterical camaraderie. And guess who was invited this year? Yes, it was Jack. (He and Cassandra told him I was a cool chick and should do that interview a few months back, and for that I am eternally grateful). We arrived at the same moment and sauntered toward each other, meeting at the door of the yummy Thai restaurant. He complimented my slinky stockings, (I noticed that he often compliments people, a divine trait in a man).  When I saw that Paul had put my place card at the other end of the table, my groupie soul came forth and I switched the cards to sit across from Mr. White.  It was a good move as he didn’t know most of the guests and I helped put him at ease with some easy chit-chat. Mmmm-hmmm. He promised to email me ALL of Bob Dylan’s XM Theme Time Radio Hour shows, and I eagerly await their arrival. (BOB! Seeing him at the Palladium next month!!!) I love the way he fusses with his pitch black hair and peeks through his bangs with a shy smile. He’s humble, sincere and sweet and I can’t wait to see what he does next. My feeling is that when he decides to do a solo album, all Heaven will break loose. (If you have not had the pleasure of reading our interview, it is one of my first blogs).

In November, Paul is performing as Pee Wee again, at Henry Fonda’s Music Box Theater in Hollywood, just 17 shows. If you haven’t gotten tickets, get your ass down there! Last night I went to Gene Simmons’ 60th (we’re all getting there!) and will tell you dolls all about that in my next blog…
Smooches, Miss P.


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