Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Greetings my dear dolls!

I had a small gathering of my darling doll-pals to celebrate my birthday a few days early last night, and it was such a comfy sweet groove. I adore my girlfriends. . . yummy red velvet cake was gluten-free and deee-lish! Lots of tasty potluck and thoughtful gifts. My friend Vicki made me some ‘bottle art’ and included a photo of me and my new fave-rave, Jack White. Talk about Yum. Loads of Elvis prezzies – my girls know me well! One of them asked about my Top 5 and it’s actually 6.

1. Jesus

2. Elvis.

3. Walt Whitman

4. James Dean.

5. Mary Magdalene

6. Bob Dylan.

In no particular order except Numero Uno! Rounding out the Top Ten would be All Four Beatles and William Blake. Eleven, but who’s counting? I leave before dawn tomorrow to visit Mike Stinson, my bf of over 5 years. We visit his mom on the Eastern Shore often, and I just found out it will be pouring with rain on my actual birthday, 9-9-09! I am meeting him at the Houston airport and will be stunningly excited, as I haven’t seen him in 2 months! He moved away, alas, to pursue his music career in Texas, where it is already going swimmingly for him.

My next Rock Tour of Hollywood and Laurel Canyon is October 3–come see where I rolled around with Jim Morrison! And I just decided to hold a writing workshop in Fairmount, Indiana on my annual trek to James Dean holy ground. It will be at my dear pals, Dave & Lenny’s James Dean Gallery September 29. Let me know if you can attend! I feel so at home in that tiny midwestern town. I love to loll and laze at Jimmy’s grave and catch him up on all my latest shenanigans. I also have a 2 nighter coming up in Austin, Oct 16-17, and another in Manhattan Nov 2-3. Come meet me and get your muse to wake up and scribble! I am also one of the guests at the upcoming Chiller even in Jersey Oct.30-Nov.1, and will be selling GTOs cds, photos, shirts etc. Ann Margret is going to be there. Wowie! She touched the king, she shimmied with him Viva Las Vegas, baby!

Every day I still wake up and say ‘Yay!’ I am always excited about something and that’s the way it should be. Remember dolls, we’re all in this together.

Shake rattle and roll . . .



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5 Responses to “Shake, Rattle, and Roll”

  1. realpalms68 Says:

    Dear Miss Pamela, Happy Birthday a day early.
    It is very fitting, too, that you’re birthday this year is on Number 9, Number 9 Number 9 -same day as RockBand Beatles is released
    You’re blogs are the best reading, ever!!!
    Happy Birthday!

  2. Miss Sofia Says:

    Early happy birthday, Miss Pamela! =D

    I always find it extremely hard to do top 5/top 10 lists, seen as they change a little bit too often, specially when it comes to musicians, actors and artists in general. I would definetely put the 4 Beatles in it, though.

    Jack White rocks hard. He is totally amazing, such a good musician, such a great songwriter. Really impressive, it’s like he can’t ever go wrong: The White Stripes is great, the Raconteurs is great, The Dead Wheather is great!

    I think it’s truly marvellous how you can always be excited about things. I try to think like that as much as I can, and I must confess that reading your blog always makes me feel much better and thankful for life. I don’t know why exactly.

    Too bad I live in Brazil and won’t be able to be at your rock tour or at your writing workshops. Don’t get me wrong, I love Brazil, but I always feel like I’m far from where things are happening, you know?

    Miss Sofia

  3. vee Says:

    happy birthday miss p.! xoxo

  4. Larna (sheswiththeband) Says:

    Miss Pamela! Happy Happy Birthday to you! a True legend of our time. you rock my world.

    thank you for your memories and your musings

    big love

    xxx Larna

  5. Lisa Rios Says:

    09-09-09! A magical day. Hope you have a happy, happy b-day!

    Love you-

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