#9 #9 #9

Hi dolls o’ mine,
I have just returned from the far shores of Virginia, spent a week with my dear Mike Stinson at his mom’s beauteous pad right on the  ‘creek’ in Bayford.

Pamela and Mike Stinson

Pamela and Mike Stinson

Their idea of a creek is pretty amusing as it is miles and miles long and extremely wide to boot. I have visited Susan  several times and wanted to see Mike for my birthday, so grabbed the  opportunity to meet with him there. It was a relaxing, sweet and  slightly melancholy experience because he now lives in Houston and our time was short. We celebrated my 9-9-09 day with a few friends and a  bunch of gluten free honey cupcakes, a big surprise from  Susan. . . luscious and yummy.

Pamela's birthday cupcakes

Susan and Pamela

Susan and Pamela

I was toasted at 9:09 PM and my head spun  with #9,#9.#9!!! Mike chose such perfect gifts for me, a cowgirl purse, some bracelets with big chunky gems, and a cool vintage  cowgirls shirt that fit perfectly. One of my heroes, the 86 year old  artist, ‘Babbie’ came to the little bash and I was honored. mebab

I met her  years ago and we connected like kindred dolls because she is a member of the church of religious Science and actually KNEW one of the founders and brilliant thinkers, Emmet Fox. She is collected  by many  folks on the Eastern shore and paints with her heart. Her paintings  live, breathe and move like Van Gogh’s do. She really shocked me last  year when she asked for a photo so she could paint ME! Zowie, what a  spectacular honor!

Mike and I  thrifted, (Check out my ebay auctions this week!) and ate lots of crab and shrimp, stayed up late to watch ‘darkness files,’ (those scary tawdry tales on Tru TV) and gazed into each others’ eyes, as usual.

I came home to a couple of high powered meetings and I hope t be telling you all some incredible news very soon!!

Next week I make my annual (sometimes tri-annual) trek to Fairmount,  Indiana to commune with James Dean’s very sensual ghost. I have made so many good friends there and I often actually LONG to be in that quaint little town, walk the same streets Jimmy walked down, the sidewalks haven’t been updated since the 20s. . . I feel his footprints and sly madness everywhere. 2 years ago, my dear pal Lenny & I  came  in second place in the dance contest and I want to enter again, wearing my finest crinolines and spike heels. Somehow his death day, September 30, has becoe a huge event, with 50,000 rockabillies arriving in their 50s Deanmobiles. He’s cracking up in heaven I’m sure.

I hope some of you dolls can make it to New Jersey for the Chiller Autograph event over Halloween. It’s my first one and I am printing up a bunch of photos and cds. . . then I’ll be teaching my first writing workshop in Manhattan Nov. 2-3. I’m thrilled! I am teaching my bi- annual Austin workshop Oct. 16-17 . . . come join us, you hot Texas angels!

I have been fairly freaked out by the scary Republican depictions of our president as a Nazi and an African native with a bone through his nose. Can we call just send our handsome, thoughtful prez some love and light to counteract the hatred? And then lets send some more love to those hate mongers. . . maybe it will do them some
Love you all,
Miss P.


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4 Responses to “#9 #9 #9”

  1. blissbait Says:

    joy’s a poppin’ here!
    cruising around through much bliss
    your broad smile waves bright

    Happy Birthday and Thank You!

    May All Beings Be Happy.

  2. Miss Sofia Says:

    I think it must have been really magical to celebrate your birthday in such a beautiful date. You know, 09/09/09. Just great. There’s this cool video in which a girl in haight-ashbury shares her views on 09-09-09, and I think you’ll like it. Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etHryShQLm8&feature=player_embedded

    Once again, happy birthday.

  3. Jackie Blue Says:

    Hi Pamela,
    Hope you know how many silent peeps out there appreciate your writing.
    You are still so beautiful. More beauty tips please (like the coffee you tipped us on, thanks).
    Your life is more interesting than the musicians you hang with 🙂
    Very excited for you and the upcoming TV project.
    Thanks for sharing…will stay tuned.
    Jackie B.

  4. Kate Says:

    I’m a Republican but I love your books, Miss Pamela. Not all Republicans are hateful. It’s on both sides!

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