Gram Parsons

My beloved Gram Parsons passed away 36 years ago today…I am so grateful to him for turning me on to George, Merle, WIllie and Waylon…oh lord, grant me vision, oh lord grant me speed…Here is his granddaughter, (and my great goddaughter).harperlee


2 Responses to “Gram Parsons”

  1. Miss Sofia Says:

    Gram Parsons is amazing. Actually, I have to thank you for turning me on to his music!

    And that’s such a sweet little girl. Her big eyes are just beautiful, it’s like I could see a whole world in them.

  2. Elisa Urmston Says:

    I never knew who Gram Parsons was until recently, and I know this sounds crazy, but lately he has come to me in dreams, asking me to write about him/to him. I am a poet, I usually specialize in Xicano poetry and feminine musician poems. What a loss that he is gone, but he is so very present in so many ways. The little girl is lovely, by the way, as is the lady holding her. : ))

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