Sock It to Me!

Hi dollfaces!
I love my girlfriends so much, all of them are so crazy creative and brilliant. I went to my groovy galpal Allee Willis’s Museum of Kitsch bash Monday night and marveled at  her ability to keep the ball
rolling 24/7. LIke myself, she collects many many things. I just love looking around my pad at all the scintillating colorful vintage finds.  They make me happy to be alive. Allee’s taste is even quirkier than  mine and now she has put some of her extra special items under glass  in a Hollywood art gallery. I was dead chuffed to discover that 3 of  the gifts I have found for her over the years made the cut… my fave  being a melted beer bottle with psychedelic lettering – Sock it To Me!  Oh yes. Good idea. Allee wrote all the Earth Wind & Fire hits and lo and behold, 2 members of the band turned up! I was actually featured in the centerfold of their very first album, a bug eyed blonde, high as a kite, and introduced myself to Verdeen and chit-chatted about the eccentric photographer, the fab Lee Lawrence. They got up on stage and sang with Allee and an hysterical comedienne, Luenell Campbell, who played the hooker in Borat . . . she helped me zip up my vintage frock after I attempted to show the crowd my Jesus tattoo (trying to cajole someone out of their awesome bible purse!), and she astutely remarked that she was honored to zip me up after so many rock gods had unzipped me, ha ha!

Earth and Wind of Earth, Wind, and Fire

Earth and Wind of Earth, Wind, and Fire

My eternal pal, Iva Turner and I bopped to Boogie  Wonderland like we did in my ‘bop room’ back in Reseda, and a few  folks dared to karaoke their version of ‘September.’ I have never seen Allee so happy. Gail and Div Zappa were there, and sweet (pregnant!) Lisa Loeb.

Lisa Loeb and Pamela

Lisa Loeb and Pamela

Fancy pretzels were served but I couldn’t dig in as I am gluten-free these days. I did indulge in a mediocre white wine served to me by a very attractive boy. . . Miss Mercy was with me and we had a ball . . .

I am off to Fairmount, dolls, to commune with the ghost of my darling  James Dean. Will write to you from the heartland very soon . . .


Miss P.

PS- Check Allee out!


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2 Responses to “Sock It to Me!”

  1. Miss Sofia Says:

    I love this feather headband-ish thing you’re wearing on the last picture. So lovely!

    Glad you had a great time!


  2. theboysisters Says:

    whoa you were photographed for EWF’s first album? I didn’t know that!

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