. . . Like Any Crazy Darn Thing Could Happen

Oooohhhh, it’s so windy outside here in the City of Angels tonight, it always puts me on edge, like any crazy darn thing could happen at any minute. Since my bf Mike has been gone, I’ve spent quite a few nights at home, bumbling around, watching dvds ~ my very cool friend, Gabriel Byrne’s, In Treatment. I feel like I’m in therapy, I’ve seen so many episodes lately. He kindly sent me all of last season and how I wish I was on his couch! Just kidding, dolls…er, well, sort of…His character, Paul, gets right down into the heart of the matter, and I believe  Gabriel was robbed of the Emmy this year. So there.

On another track…I actually hit the Strip last night, the House of Blues in particular, to see a band I never thought I would stand in front of. My friend/writing student, Bonnie invited me to see Train, and since I’ve promised myself to get out to meet and greet, I said, ‘Why the heck not?’ Bonnie used to date the original bass player and has seen the band over 300 times! That beats my record by a country mile, dolls. I probably saw the Burrito Brothers 50 or 60 times, the Doors and Zappa, 20 or 30 times, Love and Captain Beefheart and Zep maybe 20 times, but 300 times! It’s a breathtaking feat. Apparently Bonnie dropped out of school to follow Train. Now that is dedicated groupiedom!

I waited expectantly, clutching my Absolut and soda with lime, amidst the obviously adoring capacity crowd, and when the band appeared, I was immediately impressed. After a few numbers, I actually swayed and grooved. What a surprise. Yes, they are a tad corny, the lyrics overly upbeat, but the vibe was joyous, and everybody sang along with the optimistic words, feeling good, baby, waving their arms, smack dab in the moment. The lead singer, Pat Monahan has a graceful, astute handle on his audience, and about midway, he invited 4 girls from the audience to become the Trainettes and sing backups with him, a real crowd pleaser for sure. When he launched into ‘Goin’ to California,’ he hit notes that the Golden God can’t reach anymore. But I swirled back, back, back in time to sitting atop Jimmy’s amp, watching Robert  sweat, wail, toss his golden locks around, throwing his Leo shoulders back like nobody has done before or since. Robert once held up a Zep show at the Forum until the car he sent for me arrived at the venue. Sigh. But I digress…

I have never been a Train fan, even though I have to admit, “Drops of Jupiter” got ahold of me when it hit the airwaves in 2001. “Tell me…did you fall for a shooting star…” By the end of the night, I was glad I chose to throw on a skimpy frock and hit the trail. Bonnie took me backstage to meet Pat and the boys, and when I told Pat he was a stellar showman, we wound up discussing the glory of the last great rock frontman, David Lee Roth. Apparently Diamond Dave often caused a ruckus by announcing that he had fucked the girlfriends of various annoying geeks. Or something like that.

I am off to the New Jersey Chiller fest this coming weekend, Halloween, signing photos. I have even made some copies of “I’m With the Band’ out-of-print audio book and some GTO’s cds up for grabs, so come on down and meet me! I have never done one of these and I need  you! Thank goodness my pal Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson is going to be there…and I just found out David Johansen is going to be among the celebs in attendance. He once said that the GTOs were his fave group. Groovy, eh?

Later rock angels…
Kisses, Miss P


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7 Responses to “. . . Like Any Crazy Darn Thing Could Happen”

  1. Miss Sofia Says:

    Oooh, your post gave me chills right to my bones. It’s been a while since I’ve last been to a rock concert, and I miss the thrill so desperately that I might actually consider hitting a random concert just to feel the live music waves.
    Once again, I’m quite upset I’m not in the US to see you. Any plans of coming to Brazil? If you do, I’d be absolutely delighted to show you around Rio de Janeiro. It is a great town.
    Oh, well.


    Miss Sofia

  2. Miss Sofia Says:

    P.S.: I featured you on my Sunday Idol article on my blog. If, by any chance, you do want to check it out.

  3. Miss Sofia Says:

    Here’s the link: http://wineintheafternoon.com/?p=41

  4. Alexis Says:

    Girl… I am so happy you enjoyed your TRAIN concert. Your blog here about your experience is circulating amongst 100 or so Trainiacs like myself… and I wish you could here the band do “Whole Lotta Love”. Pat Monahan was actually in a Zepplin coverband before TRAIN evolved. Kind of fun eh? LOL! It’s “happy music” for sure. Loved your review… raw and real and I like the memories it brought back for you. Best to you… and I’m subscribing to your thoughtful blog now.


  5. Rick Says:

    Robert Plant and Roger Daltrey both have a dispute whose dick is bigger? If you rode both, so please tell us the truth.

    No disrespect intended. You are, unquestionably, the greatest rock groupie of all time.

  6. Jazmin Molden Says:

    That afternoon my grandmother, Melodie Rose Bell died. I’ve heard of you before in her stories she used to tell me. Do you have any pics of her back in the good old groupie days?

  7. Lee Bacall Says:

    If Melodie Rose Bell was the daughter of Robert Bell from Miami Beach, I met her back in ’62 when we went to a Beach Boys concert.

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