Cruising along a Lovely Texas Highway

Hi de ho Dolls,
Finally getting a chance to pontificate a tad after this frenetic, hectic heavenly holiday…I am presently cruising along a lovely Texas highway in the guts of a Greyhound on my way to visit my darling Mike Stinson. Those of you reading my blogs know that my bf has moved here to further his country music career. I miss him almost maniacally, but getting used to it a bit.

I just taught a rip roaring two night writer’s workshop at the goddaughter Polly Parsons’ pad the first night and my dear friend Roggie Baer’s the second night. A lot of my ‘regular’ brilliant dolls came out as well as a few kindred newcomers. My classes are always a heart opening blast and the talent of all of my writers is astounding.

My ex bf Jimmy ‘Thrill’ Quill bought a killer farm ouse in South Austin where another of my faves, James Intveld is shooting an indie film. Roggie and I visited there after class last night (after dancing to yet another fave at the Continental, Dale Watson) and hung out with Jimmy I as he fiddled with a large gun tucked into his waistband. Got a photo of him holding the wicked thing to my head which I will post as soon as I get back…

I had a swell bash December 30 with loads of adored friends stopping by for the festivities. My Xmas tree is always a big hit, full of too many ornaments, lots from my childhood. I was doted on as I have mentioned before, so Christmas is always celebrated in a big way at my pad. Lexis Arquette brought her karaoke machine, and even I sang along with ‘Superstar”, the groupie’s lament…”His guitar, it sounds so sweet and clear…” sigh. Then Jimmy Intveld rocked the house every which way by singing some of the King’s mighty tunes, including “Treat Me nice,” the first single I ever bought (flip side of Jailhouse Rock), which is tattooed across my back with Big E’s signature. I got some quality time with many pals, Mercy, Catherine James, Katey Sagal, Cassandra Peterson, on and on and so it goes…

A recent standout was the Son Volt gig at the El Rey, and I’ll soon be interviewing the fab Jay Farrar for my Rolling Stone column, the full deal I will include here soon as possible…oops, we’re stopping at a truck stop, dolls, to be continued soon!


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