A Perfectly Androgynous Hunk

Wow, finally a shot of me with Mr. J. Backstage at Oakland Stadium 1969. . . what a perfectly androgynous hunk . . .



5 Responses to “A Perfectly Androgynous Hunk”

  1. Miss Sofia Says:

    Such a beautiful picture, such a gorgeous man. And you look amazing in there.
    Also, what a feast!

  2. Serena Says:

    wow! this is amazing. goin’ back in time here Miss Pamela! i wish i could have been there to experience it as well. great photo. 🙂

  3. jackie blue Says:

    This would be my Christmas card to send to the whole world.

  4. lee Says:

    i have loved you since iwtb came out! aren’t you ready to give a haunted halloween tour yet? maybe you can do a virtual one here on your blog for your readers? it woudl be spooky fun!

    would you like a free ad on my blog? let me know and i’ll set up a button!

  5. theboysisters Says:

    Love that pic. Did you sleep with His Satanic Majesty that night?

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