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Q & A from Premiere, 12/13/2010

December 17, 2010

Here is the video of the Q & A that followed the premiere screening of Pamela’s new VH1 Rock Doc, Let’s Spend the Night Together!

PLEASE NOTE: Web mistress apologizes for the shaky, Blair Witch quality of the video.  It was her first time with the flip camera, and she really needs a tripod!  It does get a little better as it goes along, but at least the sound quality is good! If the shaking gets to you, maybe you can just listen in. . .


Premiere Party: Let’s Spend the Night Together

November 28, 2010

12/13 @ 8:00pm
Let’s Spend The Night Together:
Confessions of Rock’s Greatest Groupies

(premiere party, w/ live panel of special guests!)

Co-presented by VH1 and Don’t Knock The Rock

Take an emotional journey back to the early Seventies, the Golden Age of Groupies! Some were in it for love, some for the music, and some for their art — and four decades later, these passionate women share their stories of sexual conquest and bitter heartbreak, and finally reveal whether it was all worth it. Told through the eyes of rock and roll historian and super groupie Pamela Des Barres (author of the famous 1987 tell-all “I’m With The Band”, and the brand-new book “Let’s Spend The Night Together”) this ninety-minute documentary offers memories of her sexual exploits and longtime escapades with such notorious rockers as Mick Jagger, Jim Morrison and Jimmy Page — and chronicles her cross-country journey to reconnect with the iconic women who loved and inspired the great rock stars of our time. Join moderator Michael Des Barres as he Q&As (schedule permitting) with Pamela Des Barres, Lori Mattix, Cassandra Peterson (“Elvira”!), Michele Overman, Catherine James and the film’s director Jenna Rosher on the Cinefamily stage after the film — and stick around for a reception on our Spanish patio after the show!

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5 Fave Books

November 23, 2010

In no particular order except Number One…
1. Leaves of Grass by my beloved Uncle Walt. Any page I turn to has me in his divine embrace, I can actually see the twinkle in his eye. I also call him Saint Walt. So ahead of his time in terms of accepting and adoring the holiness of the flesh, and how the soul can reside very comfortably there….Anybody banned in Boston is OK by me.
2. Any poem collection by Rumi. He widens my soul and expands my heart with his exquisite wisdom and eternal insight into who we really are as human beings.
3. Letters to a Young Poet – Rilke. His studied passion and stern devotion (not to mention clear-headed advice) are a reminder of what we are all capable of.
4. The Power of Now and A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. No nonsense truth told in a way that is actually fairly easy to understand. Putting it all into practice is another story, but I have had many ‘aha!’ moments reading Tolle.
5. The Gospel According To Jesus by Stephen Mitchell. He and several biblical scholars trim down to a couple dozen pages what the Good Lord actually said, without a single mention of Sin or Hell.

A Perfectly Androgynous Hunk

September 28, 2010

Wow, finally a shot of me with Mr. J. Backstage at Oakland Stadium 1969. . . what a perfectly androgynous hunk . . .


August 7, 2010

Hey dolls,

cannot believe the end of Summer is nigh . . . sigh. Almost my birthday again . . . sheesh! Have been so bloody busy lately; loads of travel. When your boyfriend lives 1500 miles away, what’s a girl gonna do? I can’t bear to miss him play (in every way) for too long! Just visited him for a few days, saw several gigs which make my heart sing. . . his version of Dion’s “Love Came To Me” takes me to a place I didn’t even know existed-pure musical bliss, coupled with my early teen obsession, buying his 45s at the Reseda Record Rack. . . the glory of it is beyond words…and I like Houston, and Houston likes Mike Stinson. He is nominated for 4 Houston Music Awards and you can vote here:

I also taught another writing workshop in New York with my fantabulous Manhattan dolls, 18 of them! We had a blast! I plan to be back there in November for another round. I stay with sweet Sharon Ackerman, the hostess with it all!

I am now in Novato, Ca visiting my James Dean pal, Toni Lee Scott. . . she and Jimmy were very close. Can you imagine? What a story! I wrote a script about them which is still AVAILABLE!

Last weekend I took 10 people on my 8th (9th?) Rock Tour of Hollywood & Laurel Canyon. . .and it was a first for even me! Our screenwriter for HBO’s upcoming “I’m WIth the Band,” the crazily gifted Jill Soloway came along and wanted to peruse my actual diaries, and as I thumbed through those Very Important Tomes, I came across a map that Gram Parsons drew for me back in 1969, directions to their new pad off Woodrow Wilson Drive, “Burrito Manor.” He wrote “Look for the Brick Pillars,” and lo and be-be-behold, they were still there! I even wrote a song/poem called “Brick Pillars” about my love for Mr. Hillman.

That’s where I met my goddaughter, Polly Parsons when GP asked me to babysit her. She was almost a year and a half, an exquisite, serious little toddler. I hadn’t been there since they moved out n 1970. My soul thrummed dolls and sprouted wings- as you can see!

The pillars at Burrito Manor

Pamela at Burrito Manor

FIRST MEN’s Writing Workshop!!

July 25, 2010

C’mon! What are you waiting for! Express yourself!

I am holding my first men’s writing workshop in Los Angeles on August 12 and 13th, 2010.  The class will meet from 7:30 -10:30, and the cost is $120.

Let me know if you’re interested, boys!

Click here to sign up:

The Pace, Planes, Eating on the Run, Freezing My Tits off!!

February 15, 2010

February 14-a sad Valentine’s day for me, dolls. I lost a very close, beloved friend, Doug Feiger, to cancer today. He fought that bugger so valiantly and gracefully for over five years, and became a better man in the process. Doug inspired so many of us by sharing his courage and optimism and ultimate acceptance of his plight. His determination staved off that beast way longer than his doctors predicted. He was the snappiest dresser, the poppiest singer, the most self-possessed conversationalist. . . I miss his presence acutely already, although I felt him near me today. He told me to take care of myself. I loved/love him dearly . . . I will be reading for him nightly from The American Book of the Dead, and hopefully assist him on his journey . . .

I have been laid low with 2 versions of icky chest ailments that have had me on 2 different antibiotics for the last 3 weeks. That incredibly fast-track mini tour I did interviewing groupie goddesses in the snow took its toll on me bigtime. The pace, planes, eating on the run, freezing my tits off, being ON every day and night wreaked havoc with my usually sunny immunity. But, hey, I’ll recover any minute now, right?

I did start 2 new writing workshops last week however, and all the dolls are, as usual, groovy and gifted sweethearts, every one. I am always amazed at the level of talent they
arrive with, and so many of the girls become fast friends from the outset. Like minded music loving females bonding with words!

I never even wrote about my New Year’s Eve, spent with my dear pal Iva Turner, watching our fave hot tamale rockabilly lord, James Intveld shred what was left of 2009. That year already sounds like so long ago, doesn’t it? We danced in 2010 and enjoyed it immensely. I did miss my boyfriend, Mike, having spent the last 6 New Year’s Eves with him . . . but, alas, he now resides in Houston.

I visited him last month and got to see him play a few stellar shows- one at his local home away from home, the Volcano Bar.  His new song, “Late For My Funeral” bowled me over, he is so bloody talented. His 3rd album, “Jukebox In Your Heart” is being pressed as I write this! Yay! We cuddled and wooed and he took me to all the local thrift stores and vintage clothing joints. He had even stocked his kitchen with an array of gluten-free treats. Sigh. I actually took a Greyhound bus from Austin to Houston, after teaching my glorious students there, and is was quite a serene little jaunt. It was over all too fast and I am now counting the days until my next trip to Texas mid- March.

We’ve almost finished the VH1 rock doc “Let’s Spend the Night Together,” which should be airing in May. In L.A. I spent quality time in front of the cameras with Miss Mercy, Catherine James, Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson and Lori “Lightning” Mattix discussing the glory and heartbreak of groupiedom. I can’t wait for you all to hear their candid outrageous tales!

On the Santa Monica pier with Catherine James

February started off with a dynamite explosion when some unknown somebody decided to report that Zooey Deschanel was going to play me in the upcoming HBO “I’m With the Band” pilot. I have been keeping kinda mum on the subject, waiting for the perfectly exquisite moment to announce the momentous news, but that particular somebody beat me to it. Oh well, it’s certainly good news, isn’t it dolls? I couldn’t be happier about Zooey – a rock loving dollface, vintage fashionplate, a stellar actress and kindred spirit.  And HBO? My fave shows, “Big Love” and “In Treatment” say it all. We are in the midst of meeting with writers, and I will keep you updated as we move the project along!!!

I saw my pal Paul Reuben’s supercool Pee Wee Herman show at L.A.’s Nokia Theater last week (with James Intveld) and jaw-dropped in awe, I rollicked with laughter and had a blast. Paul said he will probably take it to Vegas or Broadway..eeny meeny miney moe???

Cowboy Curtis and James Intveld!

me and Miss Yvonne from Pee Wee's show!

I have to go put on my flannel jammies, dolls and rub my chest with Vick’s Vapor Rub and think of my sweet mommy who used to comfort me in that oh so familiar way…

Will write sooner than soon, promise…
Miss P

The Golden God Speaks My Name and the Word is Good!

October 14, 2009

Greetings dolls o’ mine!
It’s been far too long since I chatted you all up! I have been one  busy chick lately, lots of travel and enervating negotiations going  on. I spent my usual week in the tiny town of Fairmount, Indiana,
celebrating the short, sweet, passionate life of its finest  inhabitant, James Byron Dean. It is always a treat to hang with the  unique array of ‘Deaners’, people that the rebel himself would have found delightfully strange, I’m sure. I started going to Fairmount 12  years ago when I was working on a Dean project that turned out to be a  screenplay – my first. I actually went to UCLa for 2 years so I could  learn the important factoids about writing for the screen. One day I  will meet the brave soul who’d like to produce the darn thing.

Sooooo…. I am so fortunate to be able to stay at the James Dean Gallery when I hit that little town of 2,900. I sleep so peacefully in  the room next to my dear pals, former New Yorkers, Dave and Lenny, the  charming fellow I dance with all over town. We came in second again at  the JD dance contest, losing out to a pair of white-haired charmers  pushing 90.


They arrived on a bicycle built for two and I knew the jig  was up, so to speak. It’s such a cosmic blast to dance with Lenny, we  have an exquisite connection when we dance like they did back in the  50s. Our tune was Rock Around the Clock and we merged with Bill Haley and his spectacular Comets as we twirled and spun. Lenny actually  taught me how to swing dance, as I was always a love-in freewheelin’  hippie dancer, and I am forever grateful to him.


I took my friend and  writing student, Nadine, to F’mount for the first time, she being a massive JD fan, and it’s such a thrill to share the experience. She wept at his grave just like I did when I first pulled up to his simple gravestone. James B Dean – 1931-1955. Sigh. He shook up the world by being surreally real, and film acting has never been the same since.

My longtime spiritual teacher Light (she was ‘Arianna’ in my second  book, Let’s Spend the Night Together)just turned 70 and I was  fortunate to have her birthday bash here at Chez Pamela. Her friends  and clients came from all over the world to kiss her holy ass. She treated us to many little gifts- creating little hand made scrolls for each of her students. Mine reads: “Make the divine your love, your hopes, your dreams, sing your songs of longing, loss and hopes to the divine. Be a groupie of THAT.”  She knows where I dwell, dolls.

I am off to Austin Thursday to teach my writing workshops, see my  goddaughter, Polly and great goddaughter Harper Lee, and spend some precious quality time in Houston with my darling Mike Stinson. He’s doing amazingly well there, lots of gigs and well-deserved attention.  I miss him insanely every day. I get to see 2 of his gigs while I’m there. I miss his music almost as much as his kisses.  And then I’m heading for NYC/Jersey to do that oddball ‘Chiller’ autograph signing  deal. It’s my first and I don’t know what to expect. Come see me!! I  just printed up a passel of photos and cds and will be offering them here soon ~ signed just for YOU!

It looks like my groupie doc based on Let’s Spend the Night Together’ is really going to happen! VH1 is on board and we start shooting soon. Can’t wait to see Sweet Connie in Little Rock and  Cynthia Plaster Caster in Chicago. Such great tales, captured forever!

If you’re local in L.A., join me for my next Rock Tour November  14! Already filling up. FUNfunfun!

If you sweethearts haven’t seen or heard my fave rave Todd Snider, please check him out. I have my faves and he’s been in the Top Ten for  a long time. My friend Kymm and I saw him play the Grammy museum last week and hung out with him for awhile, grooving it up. He sings from the center of his heart and touches you where it hurts and hums…he ran into Robert Plant at the airport a few days ago and mentioned that he knew me and RP lit up apparently, saying all kinds of yummy things about me. The Golden God speaks my name and the Word is good. Ha ha!  Life is grand!



Miss P.

#9 #9 #9

September 19, 2009

Hi dolls o’ mine,
I have just returned from the far shores of Virginia, spent a week with my dear Mike Stinson at his mom’s beauteous pad right on the  ‘creek’ in Bayford.

Pamela and Mike Stinson

Pamela and Mike Stinson

Their idea of a creek is pretty amusing as it is miles and miles long and extremely wide to boot. I have visited Susan  several times and wanted to see Mike for my birthday, so grabbed the  opportunity to meet with him there. It was a relaxing, sweet and  slightly melancholy experience because he now lives in Houston and our time was short. We celebrated my 9-9-09 day with a few friends and a  bunch of gluten free honey cupcakes, a big surprise from  Susan. . . luscious and yummy.

Pamela's birthday cupcakes

Susan and Pamela

Susan and Pamela

I was toasted at 9:09 PM and my head spun  with #9,#9.#9!!! Mike chose such perfect gifts for me, a cowgirl purse, some bracelets with big chunky gems, and a cool vintage  cowgirls shirt that fit perfectly. One of my heroes, the 86 year old  artist, ‘Babbie’ came to the little bash and I was honored. mebab

I met her  years ago and we connected like kindred dolls because she is a member of the church of religious Science and actually KNEW one of the founders and brilliant thinkers, Emmet Fox. She is collected  by many  folks on the Eastern shore and paints with her heart. Her paintings  live, breathe and move like Van Gogh’s do. She really shocked me last  year when she asked for a photo so she could paint ME! Zowie, what a  spectacular honor!

Mike and I  thrifted, (Check out my ebay auctions this week!) and ate lots of crab and shrimp, stayed up late to watch ‘darkness files,’ (those scary tawdry tales on Tru TV) and gazed into each others’ eyes, as usual.

I came home to a couple of high powered meetings and I hope t be telling you all some incredible news very soon!!

Next week I make my annual (sometimes tri-annual) trek to Fairmount,  Indiana to commune with James Dean’s very sensual ghost. I have made so many good friends there and I often actually LONG to be in that quaint little town, walk the same streets Jimmy walked down, the sidewalks haven’t been updated since the 20s. . . I feel his footprints and sly madness everywhere. 2 years ago, my dear pal Lenny & I  came  in second place in the dance contest and I want to enter again, wearing my finest crinolines and spike heels. Somehow his death day, September 30, has becoe a huge event, with 50,000 rockabillies arriving in their 50s Deanmobiles. He’s cracking up in heaven I’m sure.

I hope some of you dolls can make it to New Jersey for the Chiller Autograph event over Halloween. It’s my first one and I am printing up a bunch of photos and cds. . . then I’ll be teaching my first writing workshop in Manhattan Nov. 2-3. I’m thrilled! I am teaching my bi- annual Austin workshop Oct. 16-17 . . . come join us, you hot Texas angels!

I have been fairly freaked out by the scary Republican depictions of our president as a Nazi and an African native with a bone through his nose. Can we call just send our handsome, thoughtful prez some love and light to counteract the hatred? And then lets send some more love to those hate mongers. . . maybe it will do them some
Love you all,
Miss P.

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

September 7, 2009

Greetings my dear dolls!

I had a small gathering of my darling doll-pals to celebrate my birthday a few days early last night, and it was such a comfy sweet groove. I adore my girlfriends. . . yummy red velvet cake was gluten-free and deee-lish! Lots of tasty potluck and thoughtful gifts. My friend Vicki made me some ‘bottle art’ and included a photo of me and my new fave-rave, Jack White. Talk about Yum. Loads of Elvis prezzies – my girls know me well! One of them asked about my Top 5 and it’s actually 6.

1. Jesus

2. Elvis.

3. Walt Whitman

4. James Dean.

5. Mary Magdalene

6. Bob Dylan.

In no particular order except Numero Uno! Rounding out the Top Ten would be All Four Beatles and William Blake. Eleven, but who’s counting? I leave before dawn tomorrow to visit Mike Stinson, my bf of over 5 years. We visit his mom on the Eastern Shore often, and I just found out it will be pouring with rain on my actual birthday, 9-9-09! I am meeting him at the Houston airport and will be stunningly excited, as I haven’t seen him in 2 months! He moved away, alas, to pursue his music career in Texas, where it is already going swimmingly for him.

My next Rock Tour of Hollywood and Laurel Canyon is October 3–come see where I rolled around with Jim Morrison! And I just decided to hold a writing workshop in Fairmount, Indiana on my annual trek to James Dean holy ground. It will be at my dear pals, Dave & Lenny’s James Dean Gallery September 29. Let me know if you can attend! I feel so at home in that tiny midwestern town. I love to loll and laze at Jimmy’s grave and catch him up on all my latest shenanigans. I also have a 2 nighter coming up in Austin, Oct 16-17, and another in Manhattan Nov 2-3. Come meet me and get your muse to wake up and scribble! I am also one of the guests at the upcoming Chiller even in Jersey Oct.30-Nov.1, and will be selling GTOs cds, photos, shirts etc. Ann Margret is going to be there. Wowie! She touched the king, she shimmied with him Viva Las Vegas, baby!

Every day I still wake up and say ‘Yay!’ I am always excited about something and that’s the way it should be. Remember dolls, we’re all in this together.

Shake rattle and roll . . .