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SXSW 2011

March 19, 2011

Having a blast here in my home away from home, Austin Texas! Highlight? Can’t help myself, MIke Stinson! Sigh. Second – James Intveld, 3rd – Dale Watson, 4th – The Wagoneers. I hear Jack White is setting up on the street all over town and playing guitar, haven’t caught that yet!!!

Miss Pamela

SXSW 2011


The Pace, Planes, Eating on the Run, Freezing My Tits off!!

February 15, 2010

February 14-a sad Valentine’s day for me, dolls. I lost a very close, beloved friend, Doug Feiger, to cancer today. He fought that bugger so valiantly and gracefully for over five years, and became a better man in the process. Doug inspired so many of us by sharing his courage and optimism and ultimate acceptance of his plight. His determination staved off that beast way longer than his doctors predicted. He was the snappiest dresser, the poppiest singer, the most self-possessed conversationalist. . . I miss his presence acutely already, although I felt him near me today. He told me to take care of myself. I loved/love him dearly . . . I will be reading for him nightly from The American Book of the Dead, and hopefully assist him on his journey . . .

I have been laid low with 2 versions of icky chest ailments that have had me on 2 different antibiotics for the last 3 weeks. That incredibly fast-track mini tour I did interviewing groupie goddesses in the snow took its toll on me bigtime. The pace, planes, eating on the run, freezing my tits off, being ON every day and night wreaked havoc with my usually sunny immunity. But, hey, I’ll recover any minute now, right?

I did start 2 new writing workshops last week however, and all the dolls are, as usual, groovy and gifted sweethearts, every one. I am always amazed at the level of talent they
arrive with, and so many of the girls become fast friends from the outset. Like minded music loving females bonding with words!

I never even wrote about my New Year’s Eve, spent with my dear pal Iva Turner, watching our fave hot tamale rockabilly lord, James Intveld shred what was left of 2009. That year already sounds like so long ago, doesn’t it? We danced in 2010 and enjoyed it immensely. I did miss my boyfriend, Mike, having spent the last 6 New Year’s Eves with him . . . but, alas, he now resides in Houston.

I visited him last month and got to see him play a few stellar shows- one at his local home away from home, the Volcano Bar.  His new song, “Late For My Funeral” bowled me over, he is so bloody talented. His 3rd album, “Jukebox In Your Heart” is being pressed as I write this! Yay! We cuddled and wooed and he took me to all the local thrift stores and vintage clothing joints. He had even stocked his kitchen with an array of gluten-free treats. Sigh. I actually took a Greyhound bus from Austin to Houston, after teaching my glorious students there, and is was quite a serene little jaunt. It was over all too fast and I am now counting the days until my next trip to Texas mid- March.

We’ve almost finished the VH1 rock doc “Let’s Spend the Night Together,” which should be airing in May. In L.A. I spent quality time in front of the cameras with Miss Mercy, Catherine James, Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson and Lori “Lightning” Mattix discussing the glory and heartbreak of groupiedom. I can’t wait for you all to hear their candid outrageous tales!

On the Santa Monica pier with Catherine James

February started off with a dynamite explosion when some unknown somebody decided to report that Zooey Deschanel was going to play me in the upcoming HBO “I’m With the Band” pilot. I have been keeping kinda mum on the subject, waiting for the perfectly exquisite moment to announce the momentous news, but that particular somebody beat me to it. Oh well, it’s certainly good news, isn’t it dolls? I couldn’t be happier about Zooey – a rock loving dollface, vintage fashionplate, a stellar actress and kindred spirit.  And HBO? My fave shows, “Big Love” and “In Treatment” say it all. We are in the midst of meeting with writers, and I will keep you updated as we move the project along!!!

I saw my pal Paul Reuben’s supercool Pee Wee Herman show at L.A.’s Nokia Theater last week (with James Intveld) and jaw-dropped in awe, I rollicked with laughter and had a blast. Paul said he will probably take it to Vegas or Broadway..eeny meeny miney moe???

Cowboy Curtis and James Intveld!

me and Miss Yvonne from Pee Wee's show!

I have to go put on my flannel jammies, dolls and rub my chest with Vick’s Vapor Rub and think of my sweet mommy who used to comfort me in that oh so familiar way…

Will write sooner than soon, promise…
Miss P

Cruising along a Lovely Texas Highway

January 5, 2010

Hi de ho Dolls,
Finally getting a chance to pontificate a tad after this frenetic, hectic heavenly holiday…I am presently cruising along a lovely Texas highway in the guts of a Greyhound on my way to visit my darling Mike Stinson. Those of you reading my blogs know that my bf has moved here to further his country music career. I miss him almost maniacally, but getting used to it a bit.

I just taught a rip roaring two night writer’s workshop at the goddaughter Polly Parsons’ pad the first night and my dear friend Roggie Baer’s the second night. A lot of my ‘regular’ brilliant dolls came out as well as a few kindred newcomers. My classes are always a heart opening blast and the talent of all of my writers is astounding.

My ex bf Jimmy ‘Thrill’ Quill bought a killer farm ouse in South Austin where another of my faves, James Intveld is shooting an indie film. Roggie and I visited there after class last night (after dancing to yet another fave at the Continental, Dale Watson) and hung out with Jimmy I as he fiddled with a large gun tucked into his waistband. Got a photo of him holding the wicked thing to my head which I will post as soon as I get back…

I had a swell bash December 30 with loads of adored friends stopping by for the festivities. My Xmas tree is always a big hit, full of too many ornaments, lots from my childhood. I was doted on as I have mentioned before, so Christmas is always celebrated in a big way at my pad. Lexis Arquette brought her karaoke machine, and even I sang along with ‘Superstar”, the groupie’s lament…”His guitar, it sounds so sweet and clear…” sigh. Then Jimmy Intveld rocked the house every which way by singing some of the King’s mighty tunes, including “Treat Me nice,” the first single I ever bought (flip side of Jailhouse Rock), which is tattooed across my back with Big E’s signature. I got some quality time with many pals, Mercy, Catherine James, Katey Sagal, Cassandra Peterson, on and on and so it goes…

A recent standout was the Son Volt gig at the El Rey, and I’ll soon be interviewing the fab Jay Farrar for my Rolling Stone column, the full deal I will include here soon as possible…oops, we’re stopping at a truck stop, dolls, to be continued soon!

He Complimented My Slinky Stockings

August 31, 2009

I sure do love my life, dolls! I really did believe when I was younger that by the time I reached this glorious age, I would be ‘settled down,’ taking care of my beloved rose bushes like my sweet mama did. Whiling away the evening hours watching amusing sitcoms, snuggling up with my lifetime hubby. Oh well. . . instead, I am out all hours, hanging out with rock gods and dancing my tight rear-end off whenever possible! I will be 61 in a few days which boggles my ever-active mind. I remember my dear mom telling me at 74 that she still felt like a 21 year old girl in her heart. I miss her every day. She encouraged me to be ME, like all parents should do. I will be spending my September 9 b’day with my darling Mike Stinson at his mom’s beautiful pad on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Can’t wait!

Meanwhile…I saw 2 back-to-back Dead Weather shows last week and had the divine and delicious pleasure of hanging with Jack after the shows.


I took my handsome devil rockabilly pal James Intveld to the first night at the Wiltern, and backstage afterwards, I saw Jack checking out my red velvet Prada sandals, then slide his gaze up to my face, startled and pleased to see that it was me. I hadn’t seen him since I interviewed him in Nashville earlier this year. He came over and gave me a big squeeze, apologizing for being damp, which of course was completely absurd. Mmmmm. I love me a wet rock star, yes I do. The fact that the sweat comes from an incredible performance makes it like holy water to me. He told me that our interview was one of his best ever and I was over the full moon. I thought it was one of my best too, so that confirmation was a real kick. The next night I took my precious goddaughter Polly Parsons, who came in from Austin, to the Mayan theater downtown where the band rocked the house hard and loud, baby. We spent 2 solid hours hanging with Jack after the show, along with my friend Cassandra Peterson (Elvira) who had hooked me up with Jack for the interview. He reiterated how much he loved our chat, claiming that I had ‘no agenda,’ to which I had to agree. I am pretty much agenda-less, and in that particular instance, I just wanted to get to know Jack White! And share it with my wonderful readers . . . .

The following evening (Thursday) was my dear friend, Paul Reubens’ annual birthday sit-down dinner, which I have gone to for 20 years or so. I joyously anticipate Paul’s annual birthday events, always a night of hysterical camaraderie. And guess who was invited this year? Yes, it was Jack. (He and Cassandra told him I was a cool chick and should do that interview a few months back, and for that I am eternally grateful). We arrived at the same moment and sauntered toward each other, meeting at the door of the yummy Thai restaurant. He complimented my slinky stockings, (I noticed that he often compliments people, a divine trait in a man).  When I saw that Paul had put my place card at the other end of the table, my groupie soul came forth and I switched the cards to sit across from Mr. White.  It was a good move as he didn’t know most of the guests and I helped put him at ease with some easy chit-chat. Mmmm-hmmm. He promised to email me ALL of Bob Dylan’s XM Theme Time Radio Hour shows, and I eagerly await their arrival. (BOB! Seeing him at the Palladium next month!!!) I love the way he fusses with his pitch black hair and peeks through his bangs with a shy smile. He’s humble, sincere and sweet and I can’t wait to see what he does next. My feeling is that when he decides to do a solo album, all Heaven will break loose. (If you have not had the pleasure of reading our interview, it is one of my first blogs).

In November, Paul is performing as Pee Wee again, at Henry Fonda’s Music Box Theater in Hollywood, just 17 shows. If you haven’t gotten tickets, get your ass down there! Last night I went to Gene Simmons’ 60th (we’re all getting there!) and will tell you dolls all about that in my next blog…
Smooches, Miss P.