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Inside the premiere

December 17, 2010

Random scenes from inside the premiere of Let’s Spend the Night Together, VH1 Rock Doc, 12/13/2010


Q & A from Premiere, 12/13/2010

December 17, 2010

Here is the video of the Q & A that followed the premiere screening of Pamela’s new VH1 Rock Doc, Let’s Spend the Night Together!

PLEASE NOTE: Web mistress apologizes for the shaky, Blair Witch quality of the video.  It was her first time with the flip camera, and she really needs a tripod!  It does get a little better as it goes along, but at least the sound quality is good! If the shaking gets to you, maybe you can just listen in. . .

Feeling Like a Kid Again . . .

September 1, 2009

Last night I took my dear Miss Mercy GTO to Gene Simmons’ 60th  birthday bash at Lucky Strike Lanes in Hollywood. I have known Gene  since my ex-hubby Michael played with them at the Academy of music in  1974. I do believe that KISS opened for Michael’s raunchy madcap  glitter band, Silverhead that night. We were filming a very low budget  movie and cameras were rolling back stage as MDB posed wickedly in his  faux leopard skin jacket, tangled blonde locks sprayed silver. Cameras  were rolling last night as well, I’m sure for Gene’s Family Jewels TV  smasheroo. Cameras were everywhere, following ravishing Shannon and the Simmons’ gangly offspring as they merrily celebrated Gene’s Coming  of Age. (Actually, Shannon told me she couldn’t wait to get back into  her jeans! Ha ha.) . . .

Michael took my hand and presented me to Gene  like a prize and he wriggled around, opening his arms for me to tumble  into. Right away he insisted that I feel his mighty bicep, and I have  to admit, it was pretty bleeping rock hard, dolls! Then I had to rub my hands up and down his slimming waist line and openly marvel, mouth agape. His gift from me was a book of Rimbaud’s poetry and Michael 
reminded me that Gene only reads comic books. Oh, of course, how could  I have forgotten?! When I handed him the wrapped present (vintage paper and card of course), he asked, “Do you remember a long time ago when I told you that comic books were the future!” I’ve always said that Gene has dollar signs in his eyes instead of pupils. He was the one who suggested I write a rock version of ‘Hollywood Babylon,’ which became my third tome, ‘Rock Bottom.’ He also gave me the astute advice to use the word ‘Confessions’ instead of ‘memoir’ for my ‘I’m With the Band,’ subtitle – ‘Confessions of a Groupie.’ A very sly and smart fellow, the painted sober monster with the incredibly long tongue . . .

After Gene’s bash I went out to Joe’s in Burbank for Jimmy Intveld’s second set where I twirled and whirled in my high heels and crinolines, merging with his dark Elvisy voice, and twanging guitar,  feeling like a kid again . . .